Downsizing Your Empty Nest

19 December 2014
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The kids have all left home to attend college or to start their own families. You and your spouse are now faced with maintaining a big house with a lot of empty space. Maybe it's time to downsize your living space and move into a smaller home, condo or apartment. By finding an affordable self storage facility nearby, you can keep many of those personal items that you're not ready to part with but not clutter up your new home. Read More 

Creating A Well-Equipped Garage: 3 Automotive Tools You Must Have

18 December 2014
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Whether you enjoy working on cars as a hobby or you make basic repairs out of necessity, having access to the right tools can make any automotive task easier. When you are trying to equip your garage with the right tools there are some basic items you can't afford to overlook. Here are 3 automotive tools that every well-equipped garage should have. 1. Impact Wrench Working on your car likely means that you will be removing bolts or lug nuts in order to access the part you need to fix. Read More 

Advertisers And Customers Look To The Skies

16 December 2014
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Event promoters, public relations personnel, and small business owners are constantly on the lookout for affordable advertising options. Radio spots, highway billboards, and regional television ads are obvious but often expensive formats. When it's time to think outside the box, savvy promoters seeking inspiration – and results – need look in only one direction: up. Aerial billboard advertising is a proven method of catching and retaining the attention of a crowd. Read More 

How To Reduce The Carbon Footprint Of Cremation

15 December 2014
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Some people frown upon cremation because it is not environmentally friendly. It is true that the process releases several gases into the atmosphere, the chief of which is carbon dioxide. However, it doesn't mean that there is nothing you can do about it. Reduce the negative impact of cremation to the environment by: Using a Fully Combustible Container One way in which cremation contributes to global warming is when the cremation fuel burns to release carbon into the atmosphere. Read More 

How To Decide On Hiring Long-Distance Movers

5 December 2014
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Are you planning on moving to another state and trying to figure out how to handle the move? If you're deciding between renting a truck yourself or hiring long-distance movers, ask yourself these questions: Are you familiar with the traffic conditions? If you're planning on driving a long distance, you could find yourself right in the middle of local traffic jams that slow vehicles to a crawl. Idling a big truck in such traffic could increase your fuel costs. Read More