How To Decide On Hiring Long-Distance Movers

5 December 2014
 Categories: Business, Blog


Are you planning on moving to another state and trying to figure out how to handle the move? If you're deciding between renting a truck yourself or hiring long-distance movers, ask yourself these questions:

Are you familiar with the traffic conditions? If you're planning on driving a long distance, you could find yourself right in the middle of local traffic jams that slow vehicles to a crawl. Idling a big truck in such traffic could increase your fuel costs.  Professional long-distance movers are familiar with the lay of the land and can use regional shortcuts to avoid recurrent traffic delays.

Can you load and unload a rental truck? If you've invited friends to help you load, what happens if they're a no-show on the big day? Will you be able to fill up the truck and leave according to your schedule? Do you know anyone at your destination that can help you unload everything? Also, are you up to the physical exertion of filling and emptying the rental truck? Long-distance movers know how to avoid back injuries and muscle strains by using proper lifting equipment and techniques. 

Do you have significant experience driving in diverse weather? If you're moving from California to Maine in the winter, can you successfully navigate a large truck through all the weather conditions you'll encounter? Do you know how much time you need for a stop in a fully loaded truck on an icy street? If you're headed to a hot climate in the summer, do you know how to keep a rental truck from overheating on a steep mountain grade? If you have a breakdown and are stuck in a sweltering desert waiting for roadside assistance, do you know how to stay safe in the heat? Long-distance movers are used to all forms of weather. They know how to avoid accidents on snowy roads in the winter and how to stay cool during hot summer days. 

Do you know how to check for road construction and closures? You may have the most recent GPS, but not every system provides updated traffic alerts for every region of the country. Your GPS could suggest a route over a small river whose bridge washed out in a recent storm. You could be driving down the center street of a small town and discover that the road is closed due to a sudden water main break.

Avoid the stress of sudden delays by hiring professional long-distance movers to deliver your possessions safely to your new home. A moving company like Christofferson Moving & Storage can help you get to your new home safely and efficiently.