Creating A Well-Equipped Garage: 3 Automotive Tools You Must Have

18 December 2014
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Whether you enjoy working on cars as a hobby or you make basic repairs out of necessity, having access to the right tools can make any automotive task easier. When you are trying to equip your garage with the right tools there are some basic items you can't afford to overlook.

Here are 3 automotive tools that every well-equipped garage should have.

1. Impact Wrench

Working on your car likely means that you will be removing bolts or lug nuts in order to access the part you need to fix. Over time, loosening and tightening these bolts and lug nuts can become strenuous. If you want to make your automotive repair tasks more enjoyable, you should invest in an impact wrench.

An impact wrench is designed to take advantage of an electric air motor. This motor creates a sudden twisting motion, which allows you to remove bolts and lug nuts that are too tightly screwed or rusted in place without straining yourself. Every well-equipped garage needs an impact wrench.

2. Automotive Stethoscope

If you want to become a real car doctor, you must have access to the right diagnostic tools. One diagnostic tool that should be in every serious car enthusiast's garage is the automotive stethoscope. These tools allow you to hear inside your car's engine in order to identify potential problems.

Be sure that you invest in an automotive stethoscope with both a sound amplifier, which allows you to find the general area in which the problem is located, and a metal probe, which allows you to pinpoint the exact location of a potential problem.

3. Quality Car Jack

The car jacks that come standard with most vehicles might be equipped to help you change a tire on the side of the road, but these jacks are often too flimsy for use when making serious repairs. A well-equipped garage will have a semi-professional car jack on hand at all times.

These jacks are rated to support 3.5 tons of weight, and they come equipped with a 22-inch handle to make operation easier. In addition to a quality car jack you might want to consider investing in jack stands to provide additional support as you work on the chassis of your vehicle.

Having a well-equipped garage makes auto repairs much more enjoyable. To ensure that you have the right automotive tools on hand be sure that you invest in an impact wrench, automotive stethoscope, and a quality car jack to keep on hand in your own garage. Try looking at stores like JB Tool Sales Inc. to find the tools you need.