What To Do When Your Box Truck Rental Breaks Down

26 August 2016
 Categories: Business, Blog


Moving truck companies put a lot of effort into making sure that their vehicles are in good condition. However, there is still always a risk that your box truck will break down as you transport your belongings to a new destination and you will need to be prepared for how to respond to this incident. 

Read The Fine Print 

When renting a box truck, make sure to always read the fine print. There is usually information regarding what should be done when your box truck breaks down. If you cannot find where the instructions are listed, ask the sales representative. Also, the sales representative should be able to explain the terms of the contract, but always go off of the fine print above everything else. Determine whether you are happy with the terms of the contract. Some contracts require that customers pay for any repairs made to the truck, some companies allow you to purchase insurance and some companies will pay for all repairs and treat occasional truck breakdowns as a cost of doing business.

Contact The Company After A Break Down

If you notice signs that your rental truck is breaking down, pull over to a safe area. It is dangerous to pull over in the middle of the road. Make sure that your emergency lights are on. Then, contact the truck rental company. In some cases, the company may contact a mobile repair technician or a tow truck to handle your moving truck. If the truck needs to be serviced, a new truck may be delivered to you so you can continue your trip. The only downside is that you will need to move your belongings from one truck to another, so you may need to contact friends you know in the area.

Some companies provide their own roadside assistance. They may come to jump your truck or replace a flat tire. Before driving away with the truck, make sure that you have the emergency number for this service written down.

Remain In The Truck

While the truck remains broken down, it is a good idea to remain in the truck until help arrives, especially at night. You may not be visible. It is best to transfer your belongings to and from an old truck and the new one in a parking lot or some other open area where motorists are likely to see you. However, help is on the way and you will be back on the road soon.