Three Questions About Using Storage Units

19 April 2016
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Renting a storage unit may be an excellent option if you are needing either a short- or long-term storage solution. However, if you have never used one of these storage facilities, you may benefit from learning the answers to a few of the more common questions first-time renters may need answered.

Should You Wrap All Your Items In Bubble Wrap?

Placing your items in storage can be stressful because you may be concerned about them suffering damage. As a result, you may be tempted to wrap everything in protective bubble wrap. While some items can benefit from bubble wrap, you should be aware that this is not something that should automatically be done to every item. Many items, such as electronics and artwork, can suffer extensive damage if moisture is allowed to come into contact with them. Unfortunately, bubble wrap can allow condensation to form on the interior, which can get these items wet. As a result, you should make sure to wrap these items in cloth or other materials that are less likely to allow condensation to form.

What Can You Do To Prepare Furniture For Storage?

Pieces of furniture are among the more common items that people may need to store due to their large sizes. However, it should be noted that these items should ideally be put in a climate controlled unit to help prevent moisture damage and mold from growing. However, if you do not have convenient  access to a facility that offers climate controlled units, there are some steps that you can take to protect your furniture from these issues while using a standard storage unit.

Before you place the furniture into storage, you should make sure to thoroughly clean and sanitize it to help prevent mold from growing. This is especially true for upholstered furniture, which may require steam cleaning to thoroughly disinfect. After you have cleaned the furniture, you should apply protective finishes to any wood furniture, and you should apply a stain blocker to upholstered furniture to protect it from moisture.

How Should The Boxes Be Arranged In The Unit?

When placing your boxes in the storage unit, it is important for you to maximize your space without sacrificing your ability to quickly get to any box. To this end, you should make aisles between rows of the boxes. These rows should be two boxes in width to maximize storage while still allowing you to reach any box in the unit. Additionally, you should consider labeling each box with a table of contents so that you will be able to determine exactly which box you need to remove.

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