Protecting Your Concession Trailer With Simple Safety Steps

19 April 2016
 Categories: Business, Blog


If you are a new concession trailer owner, you will soon find out how much work is necessary to keep it in good working order. Failing to take safety precautions can lead to an unfortunate fire or damage to your business. Here are some steps you can take to make sure your concession trailer is kept safe during operation so you do not suffer from any downtime as a result.

Place Appropriately To Keep Your Stand Secure And In View Of Others 

Part of your safety regimen includes the placement of the concession trailer when you prepare to open for business. Make sure you place your concession stand in an area with flat ground so you do not have the misfortune of a trailer that starts rolling when you put your weight into the back portion. Always engage the emergency brake on your vehicle to help avoid this scenario. Cinder blocks can also be utilized in front or back of your trailer's tires for added security. Place your concession trailer in an area where it will be seen by motorists to keep it from being hit. Position some signs around the trailer or add balloons to the exterior to make it noticed as well.

Use Appropriate Fire Safety Steps Within The Trailer

Since you will be working with grease and oil to cook treats for your customers, it becomes imperative there are fire safety precautionary steps used within the trailer to avoid the risk of fire. Place a few fire extinguishers in the area for this reason. Wear a fire-retardant outfit when working in the kitchen. It is best to wear clothing that fits appropriately so there are no pieces of material draping over the flame as you cook. Make sure your exhaust fan and hood are in good working condition to help remove smoke from the area and have your propane lines checked periodically.

Do Routine Maintenance To The Trailer's Mechanical Features

If your trailer is not inspected for normal wear and tear periodically, you may find yourself stranded in your own driveway unable to get to work in selling your food to others. Take the time to look over the condition of your trailer's tires for wear and have them swapped with new ones when necessary. Make sure they are kept at the proper inflation at all times. The trailer hitch should be looked over for any rusting and treated with an appropriate spray at the first signs of decay. Make sure the hitch secures your trailer in place each time you take your service out on the road. Use safety chains in addition to the trailer hitch in case a bump in the road causes your trailer to become unattached. 

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