4 Tips For Becoming An Online Seller

30 March 2016
 Categories: Business, Blog


Selling items online is an ideal way to start a business or help supplement your current income. Since being a seller does not always require a significant time commitment, you can easily accommodate the job in your spare time. Before you start selling online, learn some ways to make the process easier.

Use Third-Party Websites & Reputable Payment Processors

When you start as an online seller, using third-party websites to sell your merchandise is the best strategy. Although you will pay a percentage of your profits to the third-party, that website will probably help you get seen by more potential buyers. Even if you do not use a third-party to help sell your merchandise, make sure you use a reputable payment processor. You and your customers need the extra layer of security when sensitive information is being exchanged. Furthermore, reputable payment processors have protection against fraud, so neither you nor your customers lose money if there is a security breech.

Create Your Own Website

Creating your own website affords you the opportunity to boost your visibility online. Most third-party platforms have plug-ins available, which you can add to your website to help direct prospective buyers to your merchandise. Having your own website is a way to integrate social media into your business. You can use both your website and social media platforms to update your audience on products you have in stock and to provide customer service. As you become more comfortable with online selling and more popular with your intended audience, you may choose to sell exclusively from your website to minimize fees from using a third-party.

Start Small

One way many people start selling online is by reselling items they purchase at a discounted price. Consider investing time in couponing as a way to secure merchandise with a minimal investment. This will also give you the opportunity to determine how well different products sell. Some people have made a solid online business by selling second-hand items they find at thrift stores. Once you feel confident in the type of online selling you want to do, you can invest more in purchasing products. You may want to consider reinvesting your money by purchasing large quantities of interesting items at wholesale prices.

Try Different Shipping Methods

Using alternative shipping methods can help take some of the stress out of being a new seller. It is often easier to pay a monthly fee or have a percentage of your sales taken out than to go through the hassle of shipping each item yourself. You can mail your items to a fulfillment center, which handles the packing, shipping, and returns for your orders. Additionally, you can also try drop shipping. With drop shipping, the items are shipped directly to your customers and you never have physical possession of them.

Many new online sellers find they are easily overwhelmed, especially when they have a large inventory. Being strategic about the items you sell and finding ways to make the process less time consuming will make being a seller a more enjoyable experience. Look for the best online business opportunity for you.