Are You A Real Estate Business Outsourcing Your Printing Needs? What To Know

23 February 2016
 Categories: Business, Blog


If you have a real estate small business and you've been outsourcing your printing needs and spending a lot of money, it's time to consider saving money and getting in office equipment. Having the in-office machines that you need makes it easier for your staff to get things done, and to maintain or improve productivity. Here are a few of the machinery items you'll want to consider for your commercial space.

Copy Machine

A commercial copy machine is going to save time because it prints fast and efficiently, and because your staff won't have to run out to make multiple copies or wait for the papers to come in the mail. The copy machine should be wireless so everyone can send documents to it from their office, and it should be able to manage several different orders at the same time.

There are also units that will staple papers together for you. If your agents needs multiple packets for showing or potential clients, make sure they can get the prints they need fast.


Are you constantly printing important papers, rules, or informational sheets out because the staff loses the pieces or because they get damaged?  A laminator makes it easy to protect a document that gets passed around the office, like a statement that shows estimated closing costs or taxes per square foot in the area, and to make a hard copy of something that should be pinned or posted on the wall. These are affordable and easy to store, and can reduce your printing costs.

Photo Printer

If you need to get high quality photos of the properties you have listed or if you want to make high quality photos of the area for a community brochure, you want to have a high quality photo printer. This can help you show people that are coming into town to look at properties what is available, and the printer will be great for advertising.

Talk with the commercial office equipment retail companies in your area and online, like Peter Paul Office Equipment, to see what the machines you need will cost, and compare the costs of different service providers. Find out what the warranties will be on the different units and what it's going to cost to maintain the units before you make a purchase. These are items that many offices need, so stop sacrificing and make things easier for the staff that work in your office.