4 Tips For Finding A Reliable Translation Services Company

17 September 2015
 Categories: Business, Blog


If you need help translating audio, video, or text into a different language, you need the help of a translation services company. These companies will translate different forms of media, from rewriting text in a different language to adding subtitles to video that is in a foreign language. They will know how to translate many different languages as well. Here are some tips for finding a good translation services company to trust with this type of job.

Give Them a Translation Test

While this is optional, it is a good idea to give the translation company a test. This lets you see the type of work they do and how prompt they can be. A simple test can tell you a lot about this company and how well they can perform the job you are asking. Most translators are more than happy to take a short test and show their skills, as it means possibly getting a new client. You can choose whether it should be a paid test or not. Make sure it is a brief test, but long enough to see their skills.

Ask for Audio and Written Translation

Even if you only need translating in one media form at the moment, you might someday need a different mode of translation for other reasons. When looking for a good translation service company, you should ask them to provide samples for all forms of translation. This includes audio and written translation. Give them a test that requires them to read text and translate it properly, but also to listen to audio and translate that as well. This ensures they are a legitimate translation company, and not just using an automated program to change the text to a new language.

Get Detailed Information About Their Process

Also find out about their process from beginning to end. Ask about who will do the translating and if more than one person views the work. For example, do they send the first draft, or do they have a licensed linguist that edits the work before sending it to you? What programs do they use, how is the text formatted, and what are additional aspects of their translation process? This is all important information you should find out beforehand.

Know Their Estimated Time for Delivery

Ask the translation company what their estimated time for delivery is. While this time period might vary based on the project, it gives you a good idea of how fast they are. A company with multiple translators might have a faster delivery speed, while others are a one or two-person team and will take a little longer. While this doesn't necessarily mean they have better or worse quality, speed might be important to you.

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