Tips For Understanding The Flag Code

7 August 2015
 Categories: Business, Blog


As a business owner, choosing to fly the American flag in front of your business is a wonderful way to show your patriotism and respect for our great country. The flag has great meaning, and displaying the flag in front of your place of business can actually increase your sales, as many patriotic citizens and military veterans like to patronize establishments who show love for the U.S.A. But before you purchase and erect a flagpole (from companies like Waterloo Flag & Flagpole Company) and fly the flag, it is important to understand the flag code. Use the following tips to ensure that you follow proper protocol when displaying the American flag outside your business:

The American Flag Must Always Fly Highest

If you erect a flagpole in front of your business you are free to fly other flags, such as your state flag, but it is important to ensure that the American flag always flies highest and has top position. In addition, any other flags on your flag pole can be equal in size or smaller than the American flag, but you can not fly a flag that is bigger in size.

Don't Use Your Flagpole for Advertising

Flying the American flag is a respectful gesture recognizing the greatness of the U.S.A., and remembering all of the brave citizens who have fought hard to ensure freedom and liberty for our country. According to the Flag Code, you may not print an advertisement on a flag and fly it on the same flagpole as the American Flag. You are also prohibited from hanging advertisements or signs from the flagpole in front of your business.

Keep the Flag Illuminated

If you choose to fly the American flag 24 hours a day, it must be illuminated at night. This can be accomplished by installing a single spotlight that will shine on the flag after the sun sets. If it is not possible to install a light to shine on the flag overnight, you need to remove the flag before sunset, and you can raise it again after the sun rises.

You Can't Decide When to Fly the Flag at Half-Staff

In this day and age, it is easy to hear about atrocities against American soldiers and citizens and become very attached to a certain cause. But even if something terrible happens, or an American hero dies in the line of duty, you do not have the authority to fly your flag at half-staff. You are only allowed to fly a flag at half-staff when it is ordered by the state or federal government.