The Advantages Of Local Hardware Stores

27 July 2015
 Categories: Business, Blog


Home improvement chain stores offer a wide selection of products and services for the homeowner. However, they may not provide the product or service that you need. This is where local hardware stores shine.

The advantages of patronizing a neighborhood hardware store include:


Your local hardware store is either within walking distance or a short drive away from your home. There is no need to jump onto the beltway and sit in traffic only to fight your way into a crowded shopping center.

This is especially helpful when you are in the middle of a home project and you only need a few screws or a washer to complete the task. You don't need to waste time traveling or changing out of your work clothes to go to your local hardware store.


Large home improvement chain stores offer a wide but generic selection of products for the home. However, local hardware stores have specific knowledge of the needs of their community.

Many neighborhoods are comprised of homes built around the same time period. Older historic communities have homes that may require parts or fixtures that are not available in chain stores.

Modern faucets, for example, will not fit into older sinks that don't comply with the current standard hole spacing of four inches. Local hardware stores will stock,or know where to purchase, a faucet to fit an oddly spaced older sink.


Large home improvement stores usually have a salesperson in each department with knowledge and experience in a specific area of construction or home repair. However, this knowledge may not always translate as well if they don't have an ongoing relationship with the customer.

A local hardware store salesperson will be familiar with their customers' ongoing home repair issues, and will be able to use the experiences of other customers in their neighborhood to provide advice on how to solve home repair or improvement issues.

Local stores can also provide advice on security items such as window locks for older window sashes, and pest control solutions for rats and other vermin. Both of these services are useful in urban areas.


Local hardware stores can be nimble and flexible in anticipating the needs of the neighborhood. They may stock extra snow shovels and ice melt in areas that are crippled by heavy snows that prevent customers from using their vehicles to procure these items.

While local hardware stores are facing difficulties in competing with chain stores, current trends that favor shopping locally may enable them to survive and serve a generation of homeowners who are searching for a sense of community that faceless chain stores can't provide. Contact a local store, like DaCorta Bros. Inc., with any questions.