Avoid A Moving Truck Landslide: Tips For Proper Packing

9 July 2015
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Moving truck contents have a way of shifting during transit. Opening the door of the truck on the receiving end, you could be met with a landslide of possessions if you haven't packed the truck properly. This kind of incident can cause damage to your possessions as well as injuries. These tips will help you avoid a landslide, so you can protect your possessions and yourself.

Pack Right Before Loading

Loose items won't stack properly and thus are a hazard. Prevention begins with practicing proper packing technique before boxes are loaded onto the truck.

  • Pack each item into a box that fits that item. Boxes that are too large will contain a lot of empty space and can be easily crushed during transit. Boxes that are too small will bend to the shape of the items inside, making them difficult to stack. Pack items into boxes that are appropriately sized and in good shape.
  • Tape boxes properly. Do not fold down the lid of the box without tape. 
  • Do not load loose items onto the truck. Each item should have a box; even irregularly shaped, difficult to pack items. Items that do not have a box should be moved separately, in a car or another vehicle.

Mix and Match Furniture and Boxes

The trick to loading your rental truck properly is to pack everything in as tightly as possible. The more the contents of the truck are able to shift during transit, the more likely it is that they'll come toppling out when the back doors of the truck are opened. If the contents of the truck can stay in neat stacks during transport, they're less likely to fall out when the door is opened.

Start by loading furniture into the truck first and packing boxes around the furniture. Wedge the boxes as tightly as possible between pieces of furniture and the walls of the truck. This will create pressure that will help hold the contents of the truck in place. Once all of the furniture has been loaded, finish up the process by bringing the rest of the boxes onto the truck. Create a solid barrier with the remaining boxes, wedging each box tightly between the walls of the truck. 

Knowing how to prevent a landslide is an important part of having a successful relocation. For more information, contact Elite Truck Rental or a similar company in the Chicago area.