Reasons For Dog Owners To Install A Home Security System

3 June 2015
 Categories: Business, Blog


Are you a homeowner? Are you concerned about burglars, or do you expect your dog to be able to scare them off? Here are some reasons why you should consider installing a home security system, even if you already own a guard dog:

Home security systems don't get sick: Dogs are well known for eating things that they aren't supposed to and getting sick in the process. Instead of guarding the house, your dog could be occupied with a stomachache it got from digging in the trash. On the other hand, home security systems obviously don't go digging in the trash and won't end up with a stomachache. What they will do is monitor your home 24 hours a day for intruders, letting you and the security company know if it notices anything untoward.

Home security systems can't be bribed: Although having a dog in a home deters many burglars, others might not care that much. They might even bring dog treats or toys if your home appears to be an especially good target. A home security system won't be distracted by things like this. As long as you arm the system before leaving home, it will continue to do its job. If video cameras are part of your security setup, the cameras will continue to record the burglary in progress so that someone can review the recording later. 

Home security systems won't hide under the bed: Your dog may be in a vicious attack mode while you're home but could be meek and scared when you leave. Instead of going to investigate and barking when it hears something like glass breaking, your dog may opt to dive under your bed or into another favorite hiding spot. As a result, a burglar might not even realize there's a dog in the home. With a home security system, you can opt to have either a silent alarm or to have an audible one that may scare any burglars away.

Dogs aren't able to dial the police: Unfortunately, dogs have no thumbs and can't talk. Both of these make it extremely unlikely that your dog would be able to call the police or make it known that there is a burglary in progress. But a home security system will let the monitoring company know of any issues that it discovers. The monitoring company will then be able to dial the police as needed. 

While dogs can make great guards for your home, you should probably still supplement their work by having a home security system installed. A security system will be able to give you peace of mind as you'll know your home is doubly secure and your valuables are protected from possible burglars.