A Business Owner's Guide To Choosing The Best Place For Corporate Photos

7 May 2015
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In a variety of professional settings, employees carry company identification that portrays their photo for security purposes. In order to obtain the photos needed, you should hire a professional photographer to come in and take the pictures. While you could pull out a camera and take simple snapshots yourself, these pictures will likely not be the best quality. When you are looking for an ideal place on site that will be good for photo shoots, you cannot just pick and choose any location and see the best results. There are several key elements that will make up the best location for a photo shoot.

Consider the Lighting

You will need a location within your workplace where lighting will not interfere with the pictures being made. Your chosen professional will likely bring in their own light bars and adjustable lamps. Therefore, if you have too much bright light overhead, they will not be able to achieve the same results. Additionally, you need a location where large windows are not part of the equation because natural light can be just as much of a problem. The photos may turn out too brightly lit or the faces of the subjects shadowed. You should be in a room that has a controllable light, not just set up in the corner of a large space where too much light pollution will be a problem.

Consider the Privacy of the Location

Part of taking incredible photos is making sure the person behind the camera gets the full attention of the subject. If there is a lot of commotion, or if the subject feels uncomfortable because there are too many other people in the room, the photographer may not be able to get the undivided focus of the person being pictured. Just as important is the noise level. You should be far enough away from noise that the subject will not be distracted by talking or loud equipment. Choose a location that is private and away from the hustle and bustle of the rest of the workplace environment for the best results.

If you are planning to have a group of your employees photographed for new name badges or identification purposes, it is always better if the pictures look professional. Not only will your employees enjoy being associated with a photo that is not so bad, their characteristics will be easier to recognize as well. Be sure to work with your chosen photographer to ensure you find the best location in the workplace for taking the photos you need. (For more information, you can contact Moorman Photographics)