4 Things Homeowners Need to Know about Sac Spiders

17 April 2015
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Sac spiders are a very common and widespread house spider, so you've probably seen one in your home before, even if you didn't know what it was. These spiders look similar to other types of spiders and can be hard to identify. Here's what you need to know about them. 

What Do Sac Spiders Look like?

Sac spiders look similar to brown recluse spiders. They are medium sized spiders, with body lengths of up to 10 mm (0.4 in). Their abdomens are either light yellow or cream, while their legs and heads are a medium brown color. They have a darker brown stripe down the backs of their heads. This marking can look similar to the violin shaped marking that brown recluses have if you don't examine it too closely.

Do They Live in Every State?

Sac spiders can live in a wide range of habitats and can be found in nearly every region of the United States. The outdoor dwelling species of sac spider like to live in forests and grasslands in temperate regions, which describes most of the United States. The indoor dwelling species can live in any state, even in the coldest regions of Alaska.

Where Will You Encounter Them?

Some types of sac spiders are house spiders and live their entire lives inside man-made structures. They don't build webs to catch prey; instead, they hunt for food. You may notice them crawling on your walls or ceilings, especially at night. 

Other types of sac spiders are outdoor spiders, and you'll probably find these ones in your garden. They live in foliage or underneath objects like rocks and logs. 

Are They Dangerous?

Sac spiders aren't usually dangerous, and for most people, being bitten isn't a major medical concern. If you're bitten by one of these spiders, you'll experience redness, swelling, and pain at the bite site. The pain only lasts for an average of 90 minutes, according to a study of people with verified sac spider bites. In rare cases, the bite will be itchy, and if this happens to you, the itchiness may last for a few days. Fang marks aren't usually visible, so if you don't see the spider, you probably won't know what bit you. 

Sac spiders are common and not very dangerous, but if you don't want them in your home, call a pest control company (such as U.S. Pest Control). They can spray your home with insecticides and get rid of both the sac spiders and any other unwanted pests in your home.