Choosing The Right Caregiver For Your Needs

7 April 2015
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As you age, your life will change, and you may need assistance with different aspects of your daily routine. To make your life a little easier, you should be aware of the different types of caregivers you can hire.

Household Aid

One of the most common caregivers you will find is an individual who helps with household chores. These individuals offer their assistance with cleaning, cooking and pet care such as walking a dog. In some situations, the household aid also assists with transportation to appointments and helps with shopping needs.

Generally, a household aid is needed for those with limited mobility. When you have difficulty walking, reaching or driving, hiring one of these aids is a very good decision.

It is important to know that these aids do not offer medical assistance. This means that most do not have any medical training, so they cannot administer medication or help with changing bandages. Their primary skills are similar to a housekeeper with the added training in helping elderly individuals with daily tasks.

Medical Caregiver

When you have some type of medical concern such as high blood pressure or diabetes, your best option for a caregiver is a medically trained one. These individuals have unique training, which allows them to administer medication and check vital signs.

Some medical caregivers specialize in post-surgical care or memory issues. Their training allows them to be more effective in offering qualified care to those that employ them.

You can also find medical aids that do assist with daily chores. These additional services help them provide thorough care for their patients. Many of them also have some type of medical certification, such as being a registered nurse.

Social Aid

The last type of caregiver is one of the oldest forms, which is a social aid. Their main goal is to provide social interaction for an elderly person. Generally, these aids read to, talk with or watch television with their clients.

Unfortunately, as people age and their friends pass away, some people will shut themselves away from the world. A social aid makes sure this does not happen, because their purpose is to keep their clients engaged in the world. Many of these aids also go to movies or shopping, so you have company while doing everyday tasks.

Before you hire any type of aid, it is best to consider all of your options. For more information, contact Handle With Care In-Home Care & Assistance or a similar location.