How Commercial Air Conditioning In Schools Can Make Kids Smarter And Reduce How Many Days They Miss

26 March 2015
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If your child is melting at their desk, you should contact the school and request they install air conditioning. If you can give them enough good reasons why, such as making them smarter and reducing the number of days they miss, they may consider it. It is important to note, however, that the air conditioner should not be set to a temperature that makes the children too cold either. Read on to learn how proper temperatures can affect student performance. 

Cool Means Smarter Children

When children sit in a hot school all day, they are not going to pay as much attention to the teacher, but instead on how hot they are, which will make grades go down. One study found that keeping the temperature at a comfortable level resulted in higher test scores. The results from this study showed:

  • When the air conditioner was set to 61 degrees, the students' average score was 76%
  • When the air conditioner was set to 81 degrees, the students' average score was 72%
  • When the air conditioner was set to  72 degrees, the student's average score was 90%

As you can see, keeping the children too cold or too hot can affect their grades.

Cool Means Less Days Missed

Keeping the air conditioner at the right temperature can also help your child stay healthy, which means they will miss less days from school.  Air conditioning can help children with asthma, as well as other respiratory symptoms. The air conditioning unit should be maintained properly, however, as you do not want excess moisture to build up around it, which can cause fungi and bacteria to grow.

If the air conditioning unit has a good, high-quality filter, it provides good indoor air quality in the classrooms. This results in children breathing easier and reduced allergens and bad odors in the classroom. Smelling a bad odor does not make you unhealthy, but it can result in the child focusing on the smell instead of the teacher.

Hire an air conditioning company, like Air Conditioning & Heating Inc, to talk with you about the benefits of air conditioning. Get this information in writing so you can show it to the school board. If the technician is willing, take him or her with you to a school board meeting. You should also speak with other parents and give them this information, so they can stand beside you. Consider starting a petition to take to the meeting.