How To Write A Funeral Service Program

17 February 2015
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As you embark on one of life's most stressful and difficult events, you might find that you are responsible for writing a funeral service program. This program includes more information about the funeral service, including pertinent dates and times, a short biography about the person who has passed, and what events will take place. Here are some tips to help you get through the funeral service program.

Write Down the Basic Details of the Funeral Service

The best way to start writing a funeral service program is to begin with the basic details. Include the date and time of the funeral service, including other services, like a viewing, wake, or memorial service reception after the funeral. Include the location of the services, such as a home, burial site or church. You should also include information about where to send flowers, or if you want money sent to charities in lieu of flowers.

Allow Time for Friends and Family to Speak

When you are working out the details of the funeral and memorial service, make sure to leave room for friends and family who want to speak. After you deliver your eulogy, take a few moments to listen to the deceased's closest friends and family speak about their life. They can share memories, special moments, and funny tidbits about the person and the life they led. You can also include this in the announcement, so people know they are welcome to say a few words.

Choose Some of the Deceased's Favorite Quotes

A good thing to include in the funeral service program is a quote or two that your loved one enjoyed. This may be part of their favorite song, a religious hymn, or a quote from their favorite author. Gather up some of their favorite quotes and ask their closest friends and relatives what the deceased's favorites quotes were. You can include them in the funeral service program where appropriate.

Include Photographs

Including photos of the deceased always increases the impact of the funeral service program. You can choose a new or old picture, depending on the person and what you think their family would want. Many people choose a collage of photos for the program, with photos from their teenage years, their wedding photo, and a photo of them with their grandkids. You can have one big photo, a collage, or several small photos dispersed throughout the announcement.

If you are including the funeral service program in your local newspaper, start contacting newspapers early to ask about word count limits and the cost. They will help you get it put together and published.

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